IT Consulting


Increasing productivity with IT is one of the easiest ways to help your business’s bottom line. With the right IT tools, your company can cut costs and save time which equates with appreciable improved overall productivity. An IT consulting company like TTec Computers can help you create a customized and reliable IT environment that will save your business time and money.

Bringing in applications, devices and all other means necessary to bring out a higher productivity in employees. This will be carried out by engaging and understanding the customer’s needs and objectives.


At TTEC the exclusive focus is on security and compliance in the context of your operational needs. Teams of security professionals with deep technical expertise and specific industry knowledge assess your threats and vulnerabilities. The teams then work to mitigate risk while helping to achieve compliance with relevant standards.

Our Security Consulting services offers:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Risk Management & Mitigation
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Information Security Audit
  • Policies and Processes.


Migration affects every IT asset—servers, storage, applications, and the network that supports them. Comprehensive planning of a migration is critical to minimizing business disruption. Also, the complexity of consolidating or relocating data centers can cause unnecessary business outages and data loss.

We use an application-centric approach that leverages proprietary tools coupled with a comprehensive verification methodology to mitigate migration risk and decrease its overall cost. Based on our experience, TTec Consulting works closely with you to define the most appropriate migration approach for you.

Our approach is flexible enough to scale based on changing requirements. Our offering pays particular attention to your data center uptime requirements to ensure an efficient migration without any unplanned outages.


TTec Computer’s first priority when it comes to scalability is to identify and analyse if the existing infrastructure can be used. Only when we decide otherwise will we suggest our clients on the right solution.

Drawing on extensive knowledge, expertise and experience TTec offers a host of solutions to address any issue you may be experiencing with your IT Infrastructure.

  • Optimization of Site Infrastructure
  • Deployment and Maintenance of Load Balancers
  • Site Load Optimization
  • Database Server Optimization
  • Web Server Optimization


We can tailor critical high availability systems and IT disaster recovery solutions for SMB’s (small and medium businesses), given their size can often be affected worse by an unplanned outage. Systems such as offsite virtual standby servers can mitigate downtime risks at an affordable cost. Ask yourself, how long could your company survive without its email or database applications.

We strike a balance between benefit and cost in ensuring practicality in a disaster recovery investment. Rather than investing time and money in an effort to squeeze as much availability out of a poorly implemented system, we work with our clients to invest resources in preplanning a DR solution that suits their business requirements.


The concept is simple, the benefits great. In a nutshell, virtualization technology simplifies IT. With virtualization, small to medium-sized companies can more effectively utilize the complete capacity of their storage and network computing resources. This enables companies’ to control costs and respond faster.

With experience in optimizing, managing, securing and supporting complex, mission-critical data center environments for leading businesses, TTEC server virtualization consultants are uniquely suited to objectively assess, design, implement and support the right virtualization solution to meet your business goals and IT requirements.

Contact our Server Virtualization Consultants today for a detailed analysis of your requirements.